Dreamy Misato Karibe

Misato Karibe - a fresh talent in London’s fashion photography.
Her works - like dreamy and sentimental illustrations suitable for fairy-tale books or even for high fashion magazines.
Regal luxury meets elegant darkness. A new concept of fragile fairyland is born.

Misato Karibe

- Describe yourself shortly.
- Melancholic, sensitive, twisted but loving.

- What inspired you to become a photographer?
- Lula magazine. I want to take photos which make people feel nostalgic.

- If you remember what was your very first taken picture you where proud of?
- I think.... it was when I managed to take a photo of the boy I had a crush on. I was 12 and we hardly spoke but he smiled at me through the camera and I captured it. It was beautiful, I still have it!
- What inspires you?
- Everything. Mostly my friends, music, Japanese animé, creepy illustrations and porcelain dolls.
- Do you have some special rituals or rules before you start to shoot/create?
- I make stories first and then I take pictures based on them.

- What do you try to capture in your pictures?
- Feeling.

- Do you have your favourite fairytale or other story which inspires you?
- I love Revolutionary Girl, Black Butler and Naruto! They are all Japanese comics.

- What are the basic values for you as for photographer?
- Aesthetics, vision, confidence, comfort.

- Nowadays we can see that there are a lot of extremity examples in art and fashion world.
What do you think about this new cult?
- I like the fact that more people are expressing what they believe in and get confident about it. Why be normal? Why to be like everyone else? :) 

- Which historic period is the most interesting for you?
- Definitely 18th century when people indulge themselves with cakes and fashion. I would love to be a princess surrounded by rose garden and waiting for ideal prince to pick me up with a white horse. He would take me to happily-ever-after world.
But I also like to be in 16th century where creatures, magic and witches were believable. I would love to practice black magic and call demons!

- If you would be not a photographer, what would you do?
- I might try singing, expressing emotions through music. But I really can't sing. :( 

- What are your plans, hopes and dreams for future?
- Be happy, travel the world, meet more interesting people, get famous in fashion magazines, earn enough money to support family, hmm...get more tattoo. I am greedy!

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  1. Really talented girl!
    Love the "Imperfect Princess" series.