Ornaments by Shenaz Engineer

Shenaz Engineer

- Describe yourself shortly
- I love to continually challenge and emerge myself in new environments, allowing me to fuel my creativity and express myself in a unique way.

- Why do you choose womenswear?
- The human body heavily influences my design. I often delve into the anatomy of the body to understand the lines and intricacies of one of the greatest organic forms. Naturally, I have a greater understanding of the female body and I enjoy contouring the digital engineered prints and sculptural garments to the curved landscape of the female form.

- What was the first item you created?
- Difficult question, I always remember experimenting at a young age, I used to use bed sheets to drape garments on myself, exploring new forms before I even knew how to sew.

- Where do you seek for inspiration?
- I seek inspiration from everywhere and anywhere. I often like to document my experiences through both photographic and video graphic mediums, which often reveal the early foundations of my ‘inspiration’, allowing the voyeur to see the collection through my individual lens of perception. The conceptual process is one of my favourite stages in the design process. For me it is important that a collection tells a visual story, subtly alluding to the designers’ inspiration and thought processes.

- How did you first get the idea to make kaleidoscopic ornamentation?
- It was something that evolved through extensive research and design development. ‘A Kaleidoscopic Perspective’ was formulated based on three centralised elements: Geometric Structural Formations, Distortions and Illusions and notion of Change/Impermanence. These components were continually challenged through the 3D sculptural nature of the garments, merged with the digital engineered print design. The three dimensional kaleidoscopic ornamentation of the garments is also a way in which I wish to highlight change, depending upon where the voyeur is placed differing perspectives for garments will be formed. Shadows appear and change as light hits protruding portions and reflect off embellishments of the garment, expressing the beauty and evolution of the creations. Some of the garments also embody the very notion of change as they can be manipulated to form various silhouettes.

- What does it mean to you?
- The key point of emphasis within this collection lies in the fact that change is inevitable and that ones perception of the world is influenced by the virtual lens of individual perception. The world is a mere cosmos of structural formations and intriguing juxtapositions, individualized by the unique gaze of the voyeur.

- If you have, what is your favourite item from your collection?
- My favourites change continually, but at the moment it would have to be these two outfits. 

- Do you have some special rituals before you start to create?
- Great Tunes/ Organised Workspace/ Positive Vibes

- What are the basic values for you as for designer?
- I value design that bases their collections on a point of view, an inspirative background that can ignite thought and action. The constant union of collections with important social messages evoke thought and action from the voyeur, which is what truly motivates and inspires me.

- What difficulties you are struggling being a young designer?
- I guess the biggest difficulty being a young designer has to learn everything as you go. I am a recent graduate, I need to launch my own label and it is sometimes hard to know what the next best step to take is. You can only make the one best decision at the time and learn from any obstacles along the way.

- How would you describe entire Australian fashion shortly?
- The Australian fashion industry is becoming more and more interesting as innovative designers take the stage and lead the industry to uncharted territories. However, in comparison to International Fashion Capital’s around the world, it is still quite conservative in design.

- If you can name it what is the biggest achievement in your career?
- This year has been a very exciting time for me and the brand ENGINEER, I have had the opportunity to travel around the world with my collection for various international design awards, collaborations and exhibitions, enjoying every unique experience.

- Future plans, dream collaborations and hopes?
- I am not much of a planner, I take things as they come and grasp every opportunity that comes my way. But I have strong continual goals in place and hope to eventually establish my own successful company, drawing upon skills from my Business and Fashion degree and partaking in collaborations with a wide array of creators on an international level.

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