Luxury sportwear by Angelo van Mol

Angelo van Mol

- Describe yourself as a designer and as a person.
Do you see big difference between these both descriptions?
- As a designer I’m punctual, hard working and very critical on myself and my work.
As a person I’m quite the opposite. But I have to say that being a designer shapes my personality tremendously since I’m always busy with it.
Therefore the end conclusion is that the person and the designer I am today is a combination of both working towards who I wish to be in the future.

- What is the best thing about being a designer?
- You don’t know where your ambitions will end, making the whole process of trying to improve and getting better an endless cycle of creations.

- Why did you choose menswear?
- For me it was always the obvious choice.
I feel it’s what I should be doing.

- What was your first created item you where proud of?
- In my first year in school at the Royal Academy of Antwerp you have to make an experimental jacket at the end of the year.
It was totally not wearable but I think it’s the first time then I saw a glimpse of what it was I wanted to achieve whit my designs.

- Where do you seek for inspiration?
- I was taught to look for my main inspiration in art.
But as I evolved I found much more exiting way to look for inspiration in people and the looks that can be achievable.
Basically I’m still trying to find myself in expressing my visions to the fullest extend.
I’m not there yet but I’m getting closer, I think that when “my look” is defined I will start working again with artists and other inspirations.

- If you have, share the ideal portrait of your customer.
- My ideal customer loves to look sharp and cares about quality, not about price.

- Do you have some special rituals before you start to create?
- Imagining wearing what I want to create and doing a small imaginary walk fully dressed in it.

- What are the basic values for you as for designer?
-Quality, luxury, sports/formal wear.

- What were your very first steps to get into fashion industry?
- I don’t feel connected to the industry at all.
I just do my thing as I always have done.

- Do you need to mach and fight to get everyone’s attention?
- After graduating it was very hard to get any attention.
Fortunately I was invited to AMFW 2011 were I won menswear designer award of the year.
Since then I was able to make some arrangements for myself witch made it possible for me to make a new collection and that’s where I’m now.
Where I’m heading I don’t know yet. I want to make a new collection and start selling it but I still look for some back up to make it possible.

- If you can name it what is the biggest achievement in your whole career?
- Making a collection of 20 looks and accessories in 4 months all by myself with a budget of 1000 euro and being able to show it during New York, Berlin, Amsterdam and London fashion weeks on invitation.
At same time I am doing jobs to pay the rent and food.

- Future plans, dream collaborations and hopes?
- The future plans are kind of blurry: on one side I want to make another collection and sell it and on the other hand I just want to get a job as a menswear designer at a luxury brand and don’t worry about bills for a while.
For me dream collaboration would be to make a collection for a sport brands like Adidas or Puma and make a totally new luxury sportswear interpretation.
What I hope is being noticed by an investor and getting support or being placed in a renowned brand as a designer. 
But I’ll settle for being happy and healthy as well.

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