Simple but still effective Patrick Mohr

Patrick Mohr

- Describe yourself as a designer/label and as a person. What is the main difference between both descriptions?

- My clothes are quite simple but have some characteristic features which make them unique. I don‘t necessarily distinguish between men and women because I think we are all just human beings, simple as that. My thoughts, my perspective of the world and people I meet on the way, that all influences me in what I do and of course this is shown in my clothes as well. So I guess you can‘t really split my personality and my clothes apart, because in a way they mirror my inner self.

- Before you started to design your own clothes you worked as a model at various fashion shows. Tell more about your modeling experience and how did you realized that you want to get into the fashion world as a creator.

- The fashion-industry is a world of its own and its rules. In my modeling days I learned what you can and can‘t do. I‘m very grateful for all experiences, good and bad, during that time. Of course it helped me a lot to fulfill my dream to become a designer because I already knew how it all works.

- What things inspire you?

- What inspires me most are the people on the streets. I‘m fascinated by how people try to express their personality through their style, for the world to see. Even when you dress as if you don‘t care about fashion at all, it says something about you and how you might see the world.

- Do you have special rituals before you start to create?

- I don‘t decide when I get creative. It‘s not like „Oh, in 2 hours I‘m going to have the most wonderful idea ever and then I‘m going to sit down at my kitchen table and draw it“. It all just happens naturally; sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and have this amazing inspiration, seemingly out of nowhere.

- The process from idea to the final product.

- At first I try to get as many inspirational input as possible, from ordinary people I see when I randomly walk through Munich or from various Fashion Blogs, and of course my own deep feelings. When I feel to have enough to start a new line I try to put my invisible visions in visible designs and ideally no one‘s more surprised than I am with the outcome.
 - What are the basic values for you as for designer?

- I think the most important thing is to stay yourself and to have the strength not to be talked into things you don‘t really believe in, even if that means that people like you and what you‘re doing less. I‘m also a fan of understatement rather than unnecessary abundance, as in I don‘t really like when people are wearing too much make-up, too much clothes or talk too much about unimportant stuff nobody even cares about.

- If your clothes could talk, what would they say?

- Be clean, chic and simple yet special. That‘s all you need.

- Fashion boundaries nowadays. Is that easy to break old and create new rules?

- These days it seems that you always have to be more eccentric, more shocking than others to get attention. I like to think that anything is possible. Nowadays it seems that one can be able to try out how far he/she can go without being judged immediately. I think that if you want to do something, just go ahead and do it, no matter what others might say. I think people who are brave enough to break boundaries are key to keep the (fashion-)world in motion and inspiring.

- You are based in Germany. Is the concrete location important for your expression?

- I live and work in Munich which for me is the best city to be creative. I love that in this city you can get everything but it‘s not overwhelming like New York for example, where sometimes you don‘t even know what to do or buy anymore because there‘s just too much to choose from. I also like that it‘s close to nature, the Alps for example, where I can recharge my batteries and get new ideas.

- Do you need to mach and fight to get everyone’s attention?

- You don‘t get attention when you do what everyone else does because that bores people. I wouldn‘t say I have to fight for it and I don‘t necessarily try to, it all just happens because I do what I like, which I guess makes me and my label authentic.

- If you can name it what is the biggest achievement in your career?

- When I‘m able to inspire people to break free from stereotypical gender-roles, I‘m happy. In a more materialistic sense, I‘m very glad and grateful that I was able to launch my own label Patrick Mohr where I get to realize my visions with every new collection and get to show it to the international fashion world at Berlin Fashion Week twice a year.

- Future plans, dream collaborations and hopes?

- I don‘t really have a dream-collaboration partner. I enjoy working with anyone that has fresh ideas and his/her own imagination. That‘s what I hope for: to find someone I can create things with I haven‘t even thought about myself yet, things that are still out in the universe.

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