Graphic novels by Xenia Laffely

 Designer Xenia Laffely

- When was the first time you realised you are interested in fashion?
- I’ve always been interested in fashion, but to take it as my main thing I decided pretty late, after studying French and history of art for 3 years. To work in this field seemed just right.

- Why have you chosen menswear?
- I love to dress men. I love the way they walk too. I find it very moving. And also, most of my inspirations are masculine.

 - Tell about the designing process. Does it take long to move from primal idea to the last outcome?
- It starts with an obsession - something very personal and sincere. I start to build a story or a character, using drawings, collages, images and thinking about it all the time. I always get completely obsessed with the subject. For my bachelor collection it took 4 months.

- What fabrics you like to work with the most?                           
- For my collection, I worked with shiny and luxurious fabrics and played with them to make them stiffer. I fused everything and also used classical tailoring techniques.

- Your work includes visual experimentations (illustrations, collages, pictures, etc.). What is your relation with contemporary illustration?
- I'm more into graphic novels. But I am curious about illustration, graphic design, everything that involves images, even if I don't have a good theoretical knowledge.

- Do you consider yourself as an artist?
- I consider myself as a creative person.

- Do you like collaborations or you prefer to work individually?
- I like to work by myself.
- Could you share the inspirational stories/characters behind the latest collection? What things inspire you in general?

- The story of my collection starts with two figures that have always haunted me; the father in classical tailored suit and the religious figure in his ceremonial outfit.
My idea was not to make an homage to these male archetypes but to build a third figure in their ashes; the rebellious son. I created this character as a drawing that I would have done.

-  Tell us about struggles and happiness while being a young creator.
- I didn't have a lot of expectations so for now it has been mostly happiness about making very personal things, being very sincere and passionate about my work while having good feedback. I think the hardest part is still to come.

- Do you feel that you need to march and fight to get everyone’s attention?
- Until now, it didn't seem like a fight. I was really honoured that people get interested about my work.

 - Back in April you had your first international showcase at Hyères 2013 festival. How was it?
- It was great and intense. Hyères is a very special festival, I met fantastic people and it was such a unique experience to have all these professional people working with you to show your work as best as possible.

- What are your plans for near future?
- For now I am in New York, interning at 3.1 Phillip Lim. After that, we'll see... I have ideas, dreams, doubts but not plans.

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