Interview with YC Ng, founder of Scarlett of Soho

YC Ng, founder of Scarlett of Soho

- Tell us more about Scarlett of Soho and how it differs from other eyewear brands?
We’re a British eyewear startup inspired by British eyewear innovation. Our frames are wearable, bold and vintage-inspired, but we pride ourselves on cutting out the middleman to be able to offer an amazing experience to our customers. 

- Recently you introduced new service that allows customers to rent frames.  How does it work & what was the feedback?
It’s the world’s first designer eyewear subscription service, which allows subscribers to change their prescription eyewear anytime they want from only £10 per month. When a subscriber wants to switch to another pair, they let us know, and we’ll make up a pair with their prescription. They send us the old pair once they’ve received their new pair. At the end of the 12-month contract, they keep their last pair, much like a mobile phone plan. If they break or lose their glasses while on the plan, we replace them for a very small excess fee. Feedback so far has been encouragingly positive! 

Henning Jurke & Roaring Twenties

Designer Henning Jurke
- Have you always been interested in fashion?
- Before I decided to do fashion design I studied at the Köln International School of Design in Cologne. It was very conceptual and abstract and fashion design was no part of the curriculum. But during that time I realised that I want to be a fashion designer. After my intermediate examination I transferred to the Berlin University of Arts to study fashion design.

Graphic novels by Xenia Laffely

 Designer Xenia Laffely

- When was the first time you realised you are interested in fashion?
- I’ve always been interested in fashion, but to take it as my main thing I decided pretty late, after studying French and history of art for 3 years. To work in this field seemed just right.

Sportswear inspired femininity by Claudia Ligari

 Designer Claudia Ligari

- Describe yourself as a designer and as a person. What are the differences between both descriptions?
- I’m the same person but when I’m working on a collection I tend to be more dreamy or scatty and I don’t give any space or time for the person to be.  It’s difficult to say where the person finishes and the designer starts. I have a strong personality and I’m very independent and those two things are perfect for the designer but not so good for the person! Once the designer start it’s difficult to stop and most of the time it causes pain to the person and makes you wonder on which side you really want to be. It’s a very fine line; the game is to learn how to balance the two.