Underwater - Larissa Hadjio

Larissa Hadjio – London based handbag designer who had chosen six underwater creatures to appear in the first MAY+SASA collection. Original and unusual bags are made of traditional Nappa leather and Tilapia skin, which gives a sharp impression of a real and alive creature’s skin. Unique and timeless bags are unisex and it could help to express your mood too. What could be better than unseen, independent and useful piece of exclusive fashion?

- Describe yourself shortly.
- I love to experiment, play and create things that have use and value.

- What was the first item you created?
- A sand tunnel system with my brother in our garden.

- Why do you choose to create bags for woman?
Maybe we will see something for guys in the future too?
- They are really unisex bags, the Fischli without fins, is bought by a lot of guys.
But the first male collection is coming out SS12 under HADJIO!

- Before you came into fashion you had fine art background.
Do you think that it is the main reason why your created items are so original?
- I always created things, from when I can think of, and art gave me not enough satisfaction, I really wanted the objects I made to have a purpose and use to someone else.

- What things inspire you?
- Beautiful people around me.

- How did you first get the idea to make bags like underwater creatures?
- There were lots of animals in the initial collection, but we kept it around the deep sea, and as a Attenborough and Cousteau lover the underwater creatures where the dearest!

- Do you have the favorite item from your collection?
- DAJA, she is so practical.

- Do you have some special rituals before you start to create?
- Not really, as I get inspired without planning it, every day by different things.

- What are the basic values for you as for designer?
- A design that lives beyond a season, as well as practicality.

- Maybe you can describe your customer?
- Fashion connoisseur, fearless and open minded.

- Your career and label is very young.
Is that hard to be new talent and do you feel that you need to march and fight for your ideas to get everyone’s attention?
- Its more hard to not have the collection on the CSM (Central Saint Martins) catwalk to start off with, but I have been with a showroom in Paris (On|Off and easternBlock) since I started, so I cannot complain.

- If you can name it what is your biggest achievement in your career?
- Being able to work on what I like without restrictions.

- Future plans, dream collaborations and hopes?
- I would love to collaborate with designers I admire, but there are a few things in the pipeline!

  See more : www.larissahadjio.com


  1. DAJA bag is so cute! I quess leather is very soft and well done.:]

  2. quite expensive, but still nice!