Apathetically beautiful decadence by Emma Eddy Anderson

  Emma Eddy Andersson

- Describe yourself as a designer/label and as a person.
What are the main differences between these descriptions?
- I think we are pretty much the same. In the end it all comes from the same brain, body and heart. We both collecting and restless flee market lovers that love the idea of combining clothes as much as finding the ‘perfect’ items on its own. The only difference is that one writes ‘Kind Regards’ in the end of e-mails where the other one writes ‘xxxxxxxxxx’.

- If you remember what was your first made item you were proud of?
- Every time you finish something you are proud as a beginning. But the more times you look back on what you’ve made you realise that there are things you could have changed, decisions you wish you’d thought more about. But I guess that is also what makes you develop as a designer – that you never are satisfied and always believe that you can make it even better – if not perfect - next time. And the next time it the same all over again.

- What where your very first steps to get into fashion industry?
- I was meant to do a placement for the graphic department on an advertising agency straight after I’d finished my media studies. But after meeting me and seen my portfolio they asked if I would be interested to be a part of the fashion team instead. That was from where it all started and the first time I enjoyed my days working more then my days off.

- Why did you choose to create womenswear?
- I love menswear and I love womenswear. But I prefer to dress women.
I believe that women’s clothing’s political history in society makes it possible for a womenswear designer to create stronger feelings compared with if you are dressing men. 

- What story could be told, if your clothes could speak?
- This collection has a whole story behind it. It is called ‘How to find yourself by an eHow contributor’ and it all started off when I saw teenagers using eHow, Yahoo answers and other similar sites to get peoples advices about what to do with their own lives and how to treat their depressions. Based on those answers from random people on internet, where anyone is able to give their advice, I wanted to create a collection showing a desperate attempt that failed. A sadness, hopefulness, naiveness and childishness that turned into an apathetic but beautiful decadence when everything has already been tried and nothing really mattered anymore.

- Black colour is a dominant in your collection.
Why did you choose it and do you have other inspiring colours/shapes?
- Believe me; for this collection I went through all possible colour combinations before I decided for blacks and melange greys. It just happens to be what gave my concept and designs most justice and what worked best to create the mood I wanted. Using such a limited colour scheme also forced me to really think about textures, the shine of materials and combinations that still made the collection vibrant and exciting.

- Where do you seek for inspiration?
- It is not like I am searching for something to be inspired of. Usually I find something I want to find out everything about. It can be a situation, an issue or just something that I think is interesting, weird or just want to know more about. And from there, all this research takes different directions and ends up in something I can’t explain in another way then by visuals. In the end of it all that is in the shape of clothes.

- What are the basic values for you as for designer?
- I don’t think I have any ‘basic values’. I do what I enjoy and feel passionate about. But what I do enjoy, love and like changes as you develop as a designer, person or just get bored. If I did have any ‘values’ they would probably change as well.

- You are based in London. How it influences your expression and ideas?
- London has an amazing scene for young creatives. You meet and see people around you all the time with new creative ways to explore art and design in a city where it always is a struggle to survive moneywise. It is easy to get inspired and as easy to give up. I think that makes the people who don’t give up, ready to put their whole soul and life into what they do.

- Do you feel that you need to mach and fight to get everyone’s attention?
- No. I’m fighting with myself to get better and push myself.

- If you can name it what is the biggest achievement in your young career?
- I think my biggest achievement overall is how I now have a patience that I never have had before and never thought I would ever get.

- Plans and visions for future, dream collaborations and hopes?
- We will see what happens. Right now I’m too busy to dream about or plan the future. I’m just trying to make the best of the attention and response I’ve got so far for my collection. I’ll have another show at Stockholm Fashion Week the 9th of August and I guess after that, when things will calm down a bit, it is time for me to decide how I want to take this further.

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