Organza layers by Hao Feng Li

Hao Feng Li

- Describe yourself as a designer and as a person.
What are the main differences between these descriptions?
- The aesthetic of my design is androgynous, euphoric and chic. Graphic, composition and silhouette are the essential elements of my design.  As a person I am a perfectionist and an optimist, easy-going and I like everything to be fair this is probably because I am a Libra. I can convey my creativity and vision as a womenswear designer; my personality says more about me as a person as apposed to who I am as a designer.

- If you remember what was your first made item you were proud of?
- I remember this purple denim dress I made in my BA first year, I couldn’t stitch through the thick layers and decided to use staples instead… I was quite proud of it at the time.

- What were your very first steps to get into fashion industry?
- Going through 7 years of Art and Fashion education were my very first steps to get into fashion industry.

- Why did you choose to create womenswear?
Maybe you have plans to create something for guys too?
- I feel that there is more space to imagine, experiment and explore in womenswear. Whereas, in menswear I would probably take a more practical approach and design something that I could see myself in. I am interested in menswear and will definitely give it a go in the near future.

- How did you first get the idea to make multi layered cuts? What does it symbolize for you?
- It was from a series of installation work by Matthew Monahan and a photograph ‘Rock of Ages’ by Edward Burtynsky. I wanted to create obsessive lines with the multi coloured Organza layers then cut into them to create sculptural shapes. It symbolizes a sense of zing and refinement for me. 

- Do you have some special rituals before you start to create?
- I always have a cigarette and a cup of tea. I find it comforting and can clear my thoughts before designing.

- Where do you seek for inspiration?
- Library, V&A, Tate Modern and the internet, I like to look at visuals and get an instinctive response then start from there. 

- What are the basic values for you as for designer?
- Vision, creativity, use of materials and quality these are the essentials for me as a designer.

- You are based in London. How it influences your expression and ideas?
- There’s this ‘break the mould’ attitude in fashion in London. I think it’s the open-mindedness and diversity that give London the edge. Nothing is too much or too whacky, you could go with ‘Less is more’ and ‘More is more’, there are no boundaries and rules. It has certainly influenced the way I think and finding my own voice in design. 

- Do you feel that you need to mach and fight to get everyone’s attention?
- There are times when I have uncertainty and doubts, but I believe that as long as you stay true to who you are as a designer the right audience and attention will always be there.

- If you can name it what is the biggest achievement in your young career?
- I don’t feel that I have achieved anything big in my career yet, fortunately and unfortunately it’s yet to come!

- Plans and visions for future, dream collaborations and hopes?
- I have been given the opportunity to join Vauxhall Fashion Scout for a graduate showcase event during LFW in September, and would like to show during LFW in the near future.  My dream collaborations would be creating some installation work with artists like Mathew Monahan and Aaron Curry.

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