Honest image by Michael Flores

 Michael Flores

- Describe yourself as a person and as a photographer.
What is the main difference between both descriptions?
- I would say the two are closely intertwined.  First and foremost I am an image maker, I cannot live without making images - the process is an extension of my being.  

- What inspired you to become a photographer?
- In my early teens I was involved in theatre and became interested in taking photos of myself in character. I wanted to create narratives through images and found the medium to be more of a challenge. Once I started I could not stop, although the subjects became other people than me.

- Where do you seek for inspiration?
- I find inspiration in many places; from old magazines and films to taking a walk through the city. 

- Best thing being a photographer?
- The best part of being a photographer is being able to show how I see the world, to really grab on to a viewer through the viscera and leave my images engrained in their mind.

- What are the basic values for you as for photographer?
- Creating an honest image is perhaps the most important value for me as a photographer. What I mean by an honest image is capturing a moment that feels real for the viewer and myself. The place, clothing, hair, and make-up may be a façade but the moment captured conveys some sense of reality through emotion, expression, and light.

- If you have, what is your favorite photoshoot?
- The “Voodoo Child” shoot, it is a perfect mix of reportage and fashion synthesizing to create a story. While the girls are models, there is a very real quality to the photos.

Because I'm a VooDoo Child fotosesija

- Do you have some special rituals or rules before you start to shoot/create?
- A good stretch and some music are always key for me. I need to be limber in order to get the shots I want; often times you will find me rolling on the ground or contorting my body in some odd way so stretching is important for me.  Music just sets the mood for everyone on set; it creates a rhythm or heartbeat.

- Currently you are based at New York. How this city did influence your visual expression?
- I just moved to NY a few days ago, but already the energy of the city is inspiring me. I’m especially inspired by the diversity of people here; there are so many different cultures, styles, body shapes, etc.

- Do you still need to march and fight to get everyone’s attention?
- I think working in any creative field you have to hustle. While the quality of your work is important, it’s equally important to connect with people. I don’t think I’ll ever stop working, connecting, hustling. You have to fight for what you want!

- If you can name it, what is the biggest achievement in your career?
- Shooting the only advertorial for Dior CosmeticsDior Addict” lipstick.

- Future plans, hopes and dream collaborations?
- I’m getting ready to embark on the moving image side of my career, which is really exciting. It’s funny how life comes full circle. I’m excited to re-visit my skills from theatre but from a new perspective. I feel that moving into film and video is a natural progression for myself.

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