Understated personal signature by Avelon

 Erik Frenken

- Describe yourself as a designer/label and as a person. What is the main difference between both descriptions?
- After years of experience at great designer brands like Alberta Ferretti and Viktor&Rolf I decided to launch Avelon. Avelon enables me to create what I like and express my view of the world. So there isn’t really any difference between me as a designer or as a person. Whether I’m a father or get inspiration and energy from everything around me it is what makes me Erik Frenken but also what makes me the designer that I am.

- First created item that you were proud of? Do you still have it?
- The first item that I’m most proud of was the starter item for my St. Martins graduation show. It was an aqua green dress with tons of metal copper pallet’s making at a 16 kilo weighing garment. When I had finished it I knew I was on the right track with my graduation collection. I still have it and actually it was part of the inspiration for AW12.

- What were your very first steps to get into fashion world? Do you always wanted to be a designer?
- When I was 7 or 8 year old I had a favourite sweater. It was a burgundy red heavy knit sweater and the feeling that sweater gave me when I wore it, that special feeling that makes you feel lager then life, is my first fashion memory I have. With time this sense of fashion progressed and at teenager age it manifested in a much more profound way.  But I can always remember the essential feeling of that burgundy red sweater. I’ve always wanted to be an actor because the only thing you need is your body – it’s your product and your way of expression… I still fantasise about it. 

- Where do you seek for inspiration?
- Everything around me gives me energy and inspires me. But especially people and the way they interact or carry themselves. I love how some people can walk in to a room and have this cool and comfortable aura about them without being smug.

- Do you have special rituals before you start to create?
- There is no special ritual just a mind-set. This mind-set can start at any point, this is that click when you know your on the right track with a collection. Sometimes it’s something that inspires me or the visualisation of a design that’s been in my head for a while.

- What are the basic values for you as for designer?
- That everything I make fits the duct tape cocktail dress: luxury garments with rough edges and delicate elements. An affordable brand, which is always special, distinguished and creates a directional and season-less look for every occasion!

- Your beauty ideal. Do you have concrete inspirational portrait of person who wears your clothes?
- Avelon is designed for people who are aware of their sense of style and want to be recognized for showing an understated personal signature. The person how embodies this right now is Kate Moss. 

- If your clothes could talk, what would they say?
- They would speak and never shout, but they would be able to grab the attention even in a room full of people. That would open people’s mind for a different view on the world.

- Fashion nowadays. What things should be mentioned and what should be ignored?
- Uggs should be ignored! What should be mentioned and recognised is the amount of creativity.

- You are based in Amsterdam. Is the concrete location important for your expression or label’s difference?
- Off course this is important. Even though the Dutch fashion identity isn’t very clearly defined. I think that Avelon is formed by my Dutch heritage and the Amsterdam surroundings, so maybe it’s a visualisation of the Dutch fashion identity.  

- Do you need to march and fight to get everyone’s attention?
-Yes, as I always say that we’re only a few centimetres down the two kilometre line. My ambition is to build a strong, recognisable international brand that would be globally appreciated by professionals and consumers. We’re getting there but there is a long way to go. 

- If you can name it what is the biggest achievement in your young career?
- Being able to start Avelon.
- Future plans for your brand?
- We hope to open our first Avelon flagship store soon so that’s what we are focussing on right now.

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