Clothes for man who dares to be himself by Jean-Phillip


- Describe yourself as a designer and as a person. Can you see difference between both descriptions?
- Me and me as the designer is a person melted into one. I never stop designing: there is always something creative going on in my head, a thing I cannot help.
I interact very calm with people and my surroundings, and the only time you will see me unbalanced is the 8mins Runway show on every season.

- What was the first item that you were proud of?
- A sweatshirt covered in 50.000 hand-sewn black sequins.

- Inspiration. Do you have concrete sources for it?
- Never, it comes from the world around me, it can be a piece of beautiful music, people on the street,  or a great movie, but mostly a lot of the references in my work comes from Japanese & Chinese heritage, mixed with sex and biker equipment.

- Material that you like the most?
- Hard one… will have to choose linen, because of its ability to mould and look personal when worn and washed.

- Any rituals before you start to create?
 No – it comes natural.

- What are your biggest values (both life and creativity)?
- My Love, Music and Creating.

- Your brand is dedicated only for men. How would you describe menswear in general?
- It’s dedicated to men, as we need something special to wear as well. As the possibilities are few, the boundaries for menswear are being pushed these days which is fantastic, but there is still a long way to go with it. Though the dedication for men, a lot of women is wearing the garments as well, it feels good that they want a piece of the cake too. Sometimes I hear that people are sharing my clothing with their significant other, which is fun.

- You created easily recognizable and aesthetical silhouettes. Is there any space for mistakes and experiments?
 - There would be no space if there wasn´t be a room for mistakes and experimenting, that is what creating is all about. When you create and experiment sometimes you will make mistakes, if not - your work loses its nerve and becomes predictable.

- What could you name as a real masculinity nowadays?
- Masculine is the man who dares to be himself – no matter what he wears or how he looks.

- You are based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Do you think it influence your expression?
- Maybe when it comes to designing in the minimal way, but not the look and how it represent itself, which is more personal and influenced by what goes on around the world.

- Biggest achievement in your career?
- To have a brand I can call my own.

- Future plans, dream collaborations and hopes?
- If I would told you it would stop being a dream.; )

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