Peculiar femininity by Phoebe English

 Phoebe English

- Describe yourself as a person and as a designer. Is there any visible difference between both?
- No, not really. They are both pensive.

- What have you enjoyed doing in your childhood the most?
- Being in gardens and obsessively making dens out of anything I could find.

- Have you always wanted to become a womenswear designer?
- There has always been a myriad of things I have wanted to be, fashion is just what I have ended up doing.

- Why so many people are interested in fashion?
- Fashion is heavily visual and humans are driven by images a far greater deal than most people perceive, this to me explains the high levels of interest in it.

- Do you have rituals before you start to create?
- I carefully think about the next collection before I start anything, and in order to get the best ideas I try to ignore the fact that I am trying to get an idea in the first place, this seems to work best for me.

- Materials you like to work the most.
- This changes all the time, I am always trying to develop my interests and move on from where I have been before.

- What is the hardest part in whole process of creation?
- All of the process I think, it can be both frighteningly straightforward but excruciatingly difficult at times. I am often very attached to the purity of my original idea, so I can feel bitterly disappointed when I feel I have not reached that.

- Tell us more about your aesthetics.
- It‘s a play on the balance of a peculiar femininity.

- What are your rules (both creativity and life)?
- Don‘t make work if it does not make you feel high.

- You are based in London. Do you think city can influence creator‘s expression?
- Yes, of course that is true. Anyone who makes work anywhere, geography is always a key part of a creator’s thinking and perspective of their work.

- Name the biggest achievement in your young career.
- Being on the Fashion MA at Central Saint Martins.

- Future plans, hopes and dreams?
- I want to keep making my work and meeting and working with new exiting people.

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