Omar Kashoura - seventeen letters and inspiring memories.

Omar Kashoura

- Shortly introduce yourself.
- Sartorial Nonchalance.

- Name the difference between you and you as a designer.
- Hmm… You comes with 3 letters, You as a designer comes with 14. You can pronounce you quite simply, though you as a designer will require a deeper breath.
For me, you and you as a designer are the same!

- Your earliest memory related with fashion and clothing. Have your surrounding influenced your creativity?
- My earliest memories come from my time in Jordan on my Father’s pink couch, my Mother’s dazzling dresses, and the crystal chandeliers.
My surroundings now in London influence me greatly! London is like an energy supply to my hard drive.

- Have you always wanted to become menswear designer? What would you do if you would not be designing?
- To be honest I have always wanted to design for as long as I can remember, it was ingrained in me at the birth. Naturally I followed a path of womenswear in my earlier days, but now I love designing for men. The male body fascinates me and I hold a very strong male ideal in my mind.
I have a fantasy to have a flower shop one day. I’m sure that if I wasn’t designing now this is what I would be doing. I would sell scones and jam and cream too.

-  What things inspire you?
- Masculinity, literature, film, colour, things which stir my emotions.

- Do you have special rituals before you start to create?
- Oh yes, I have a very complicated process!!...It is like setting the stage for show: many things are put into place before I am able to begin design.

- Tell about the process from first idea to the final fashion presentation.
- Hmm! That is cheeky… It is a secret!

- Material that you like the most.
- Wool /cashmere flannels! Love love love!

- Before you established your own label in 2008, you were working for other creators. How did you decided to start everything on your own? Do you have big team around you?
- I won an award in NY and with it financial support and subsequently approached by a sales agent. We have an extremely efficient yet small set up that works well with our presentations and distribution networks.

- Your values (both life and creativity).
- Sincerity and loyalty.

- Your biggest achievement. Do you still feel that you need to march and fight to get the attention?
- Every season we have new achievements. I have been lucky to be involved in some great projects with Topman, Bernstock Speirs, and Tween but of course as we progress there is always new blood. Fashion is hungry, fashion is expecting...

- Future plans, hopes and dreams.
- To secure our first retail space in Mayfair London.
I have a picture of the space I like already place on my walls!

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