Chris & Tibor - luxurious accessories inspired by London

 Designers Tibor Matyas and Chris Liu

- Describe your brand and yourself individually.
- Both individually and as designers we believe in fierce attention to detail and quality. We are guilty of designing for ourselves as well as our customer and so you see a lot of us reflected in the collection. Chris & Tibor is a brand for the modern man who’s fast paced lifestyle demands practicality and distinctive yet understated style. We have created the guys perfect accessory.

- Your first made item that you were proud of?
- When you study design you really begin to understand the precision and craft that is required in the creation of anything of true quality, it was during this time that I really started to develop my designs into something to be really proud of.

- When did you choose to become accessory designers? Have you always wanted to create bags?
- The original impetus behind the movement into accessories design was our dissatisfaction with the bags that were available. Failing in the quest to find the perfect gym bag, Chris decided to simply design and make his own. The continued creation of bags was then inevitable, as a team we just knew that accessories were the way to go.

- You are working in duo. How did you met?
- We met working for Burberry Prorsum as design consultants in 2004.

- Is there enough space for both ideas? How do you work?
- In terms of the design process Chris takes the lead however it is always a collaboration. Of course we fight for our ideas, but that’s because we care so much about each product. There is no detail left unconsidered, we deliberate over every aspect of each design. 

- Your brand is based in London and the bags are named after the street/place names. Maybe you could tell short stories for some of your items? Why Dalston bag has Dalston name, etc.
- We have been based in London, individually and then as a design team for about a decade now and can’t imagine being anywhere else. There is a life and spirit to London that you don’t find anywhere else, this of course applies to the fashion industry but equally is evident just walking down the street. Specifically the Dalston bag was named after the area that our studio is based in.

- What things inspire you? Maybe you have unusual inspirational sources?
- Though it sounds like a cliché, we try to take inspiration from everything. The need for practicality in our creations is inspired by our day-to-day lives; those moments when you find yourself struggling with something that should be simple. We try to apply that in our design process. The Strong Holdall Collection is built on this principle. As an example, there’s the waterproof inner pocket for an umbrella, everyone has experienced the need for that first hand.

- The process from primal idea to final outcome – how long does it take, do you make research, etc.
- As with all businesses there are many outside elements that contribute to the successful creation of a product. The most recent collection took as much as 7 months to complete, however this was largely due to difficulty with production and retaining our specific requirements in terms of quality and detail. 

- Ideal portrait of your customer.
- Our products are aimed at dynamic, professional men who put excellent quality above all else, quality of design and quality of materials. The Chris & Tibor and brand is based on this ethos. Someone who is looking to buy our bags is confident and stylish with a strong fashion conscience, they are however unwilling to sacrifice their need for practicality.

- Your brand was started in 2006. Maybe you can name how the fashion consumers have changed since then?
- Fashion is of course always evolving and we are constantly striving to design at the cutting edge for our customer. However there are certain key ideals that never change: the desire for functional, quality items. When people invest in a bag they want it to last, this is even truer now than it was 6 years ago and this is how our brand has stayed relevant.

- Biggest achievement in career and life?
- As designers and businessmen we are always looking forward and trying to outdo ourselves, trying to better any of our biggest achievements but we are obviously very proud of what we have created with the Chris & Tibor brand. Also our collaborations with Walter Van Beirendonck, Romain Kremer, Juun J, and Veronique Branquiho are some of proudest achievements.  

 Collaboration with Walter Van Beirendonck

- You had great worldwide collaborations with others creative. Have you gain any new skills while collaborating? Do you still need to march and fight to get the attention?
- Working with other designers is always an amazing learning experience. Everything we make is a product of our experiences. When we are collaborating it is important to strike a balance between everyone’s ideas, you risk sacrificing the concept if you do not remember this. 

- Plans, dreams, hopes for the near future?
  - The new Golden Lanes women’s collection launches in Paris this September and we’re very excited about that.


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