The successful growth of Comeforbreakfast

 Behind the label:  sales manager Francesco and designer Antonio

- What is the story behind the brand’s name and does it have a special personal meaning for you?

- We didn’t need long meetings to decide a name for our project: it was very natural and spontaneous. Breakfast is a very important moment in our day, a moment we share with the ones we love the most, friends and co-workers. The meal we mostly love to eat. It is the moment we enjoy but at the same time the moment we take important decisions in our brand’s organization. We met and decided to build our brand during one of these long business breakfasts and so we decided to match our passion for fashion and our passion for breakfast.

- Describe yourself as a brand and individually. What are the main differences?

- There is no difference between what we are and what we do. The Comeforbreakfast collection is thought and designed for a small niche of customers, not for the masses. We just transfer what we are to what we love and therefore to what we create. Being spontaneous is what matters the most: with that in mind we know that people will understand the men behind the designers through the items. There is no difference. We are our brand.

 - You are working together in a duo. How do you connect different ideas? Is there enough space for both?

 - We work together but take care of different aspect of the brand. I (Antonio is speaking) deal with the creative part, while Francesco is the sales manager. At the beginning it has been very hard to combine the two sides of the same job but that was due to the different approaches we had to fashion. At the end this proved to be a winning combination. Our roles in the brand are diverse and the interaction between these two aspects is very important to reach the fixed goals season after season.

- What was the first created item that you were proud?

- I did so many items when I was a child I would spend hours telling stories on how I destroyed my mum’s sewing machine. I still recall one day when I designed a carnival costume for my little cousin. The outfit turned out not so well but I was very proud to make something for someone I loved. 

- Have you always wanted to be designers?

- I always loved fashion, but feared it at the same time. When I was a child I dreamt at least 17 different jobs! The moment I decided to be a fashion designer for good was when I started fashion school. It has been a mature choice and I have always given all of me to get to design my own brand.

- Where do you seek for inspiration? Share the inspiration behind the last collection.

- Everything inspires us: a journey, a book, a painting. Everything we see and live every day.
The theme of the FW12-13 collection is about an urban trip, along the streets, across the city. The graphic research to provide original prints takes on the colours of street billboards.
The collection has it all: overalls, spider web lightweight knitwear pieces in super soft natural materials, printed t-shirts, streamlined dresses, double wool crêpe jackets, fleece sweaters with structured sleeves.

- Material that you like the most.

- Materials have a “nature vs techno” feeling with a cotton and jersey base and an enzyme treated overprinted organza. The whole wardrobe turns out from a mix match of classic formal fabrics and easy going urban pieces. Materials are a starting point in designing our collections: research for new fabrics is a crucial part in the creative process.
- You are working since 2009. How the brand’s concept changed and why did you decided to start menswear line?

- While we started as a menswear line now we design both men’s and women’s collection and from next season accessories line too. As an independent brand we are lucky enough to be free to create. Now the brand has grown, is more mature but we have the same fresh approach to it.

 - If you can name it, what it the ideal portrait of your customer.

- The customer buying Comeforbreakfast is dynamic, curious and passionate for culture and life in general. The collection refers to a wide audience, but we are only worried to create beautiful stuff, original garments, that represent well the brand style. We feel free to create never referring to an icon or a muse.

- Trends nowadays. What should adopt both male and female?

- We love spontaneous stylish people, we do not like fake or built up people. The trend has always been “be simple”. A fresh approach to style is what matters to us.

- You are based in Milan, Italy. How does it reflect at your creations?

- In Milan everything is fashion, design, architecture. You live fashion, you breathe fashion. Everyone is style obsessed and crave for the latest trend and the newest collection fresh off the runaway. It’s very stressful but at the end this is not fashionable. The artistic and cultural scene it is not so alive and you get trapped in a full business trap. We are lucky to travel a lot for our job and can experience different cities and get inspiration from that. We always manage to mix all business Milanese spirit to a more creative one.

- Do you still feel that you need to march & fight for attention? Biggest achievement so far.

 - We believe in fate so what has to happen happens. At the same time we are very stubborn and follow a project, a dream until it becomes a reality. The fashion biz is undergoing a hard time but we try to get the best from every collection and every sale campaign. We like to not take something for granted and risk a bit every time. That is why we are planning a new accessories collection to complement our lines.

- Plans, dreams, projects for near future?

- As Italians we think that is better not to unveil too much, better to keep something secret but we are very proud of the accessories collection and the capsule knitwear collection that we are currently designing. Fingers crossed!

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